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Model 180 VISCA Controller


The ESI Model 180 VISCA Controller is designed to meet the demanding challenges of remote motion control. The Controller provides a simple four wire RS-422 interface to the Sony BRC Series pan & tilt camera heads and is ideal for applications such as churches, government meetings and entertainment venues. The Model 180 VISCA Controller can provide pan & tilt, camera, and lens control for up to 4 remote camera sites at distances of up to 2000 feet. Eight presets per camera site may be selected from the controller. The cameras in this configuration may be purchased directly from Sony. These cameras may be purchased by Sony dealers or end users. The pan and tilt control is provided by a proportional deflection joystick. Control of the zoom and focus is accomplished with proportional deflection “Seesaw” controls. The proportional controls allow a slow movement when the control is only slightly depressed increasing to a faster response when the control is fully depressed

Physical Description:

The controller table top version features a sloped front panel for ready access to all of the Model 180V controls. Four RS-422 connectors are located on the rear of the unit to interface to each of the 4 remote camera sites. A 15 Pin HD D-sub female connector located on the rear of the 180V, this connector provides the computer interface for the SONY Graphical User Interface software to control camera functions via a computer. Input power to the Model 180V VISCA Controller is provided by a wall mounted power supply which is provided with the unit.


 Cameras: 4 each channels via direct runs from the controller to each camera, not daisy chained
 Pan & Tilt Joystick: Proportional pan & tilt control with 4 speed ranges per camera
 Zoom: Proportional control seesaw
 Focus: Auto or Manual switch. Manual Focus is proportional control seesaw control
 Iris: Auto or Manual Switch. Manual iris control via Open and Close switches
 Presets: 8 per camera with 4 selectable preset speed controls
 Auto White: one of three modes may be selected: Normal Auto, Indoor or One Push
 Bars: On/Off
 Tally: On/Off
 Gamma: Normal or Cinema
 Backlight: On/Off
 Pan direction reversal
 Tilt direction reversal
 Remote Camera Power: On/Off
 GUI interface for computer control of the system

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